Assignment 3 Proposal

Idea: You are inside a train passing through a dreamlike landscape. The inhabitants of the train are humans with the heads of animals, and you can talk to them, although they won’t give you any concrete information about the destination of the train or the purpose of your journey. Throughout the journey, the background outside the train will radically change through various calamities such as a storm and an explosion. The heads of the other passengers will also switch several times. On the windows are posted various documents (newspaper clippings, letters, emails, etc.) and inside the suitcases of the passengers are more documents and other miscellaneous objects. The ostensible goal of this game is to find a way off the train, but you will eventually learn that there isn’t any way out.┬áThe truth is that you have killed your wife and this train is a fantasy you have created in order to work through what you have done.

I’m still working on my screenshot.

  1. LOL this game. I think there are two goals present; to get off the train, but also to find out why you’re on it. Because (i assume) the documents and emails will provide info with details of killing your wife, an interesting and motivating part will be finding out more. It may be hard to motivate the player to want to get off the train while you have such interesting things going on inside the train. I’m not sure how the player will realize its themselves who murdered their wife, but I’m sure you’ve got it figured out. Go nuts.

  2. That sounds amazing. Though I’d add a SPOILER ALERT by that last sentence. My only question would be how do the switching animal heads and backgrounds contribute to you discovering that you killed your wife? Did the wife have a history of decapitating animals or something? Cool ideas, though I’d like it to be more cohesive.

  3. I really like the idea, it is pretty creative and there would definitely be enough going on to keep the player interested. I may be wrong but I thought that with this project we were not really supposed to have to much dialogue, so it may be interesting to have the conversations be images instead so you still get that information across. Kind of like Machinarium.

  4. Love this idea with a more player-oriented goal than a story based goal (I feel like I would be more interested in trying to explore the setting than necessarily getting off of the train.)

  5. This sounds really intriguing and I can’t wait to play it! I do agree with Luke though, in that I think you should try to tie the different aspects on the game together so that they all contribute to teaching the user about the story.

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