1. The dialogue was amusing, but after three playthroughs I still have no idea what was going on.

  2. I like how you played with the character’s knowing they were in a game (kind of). The extra coding/aspects of it were nice (interactive environ/clicking on objects for further menus). It’s short, but nicely structured. It breaks linearity and establishes a place instead of just going from one dialogue to the next, it gives you options. Nice.

  3. Several error messages popped up, one when I was telling the sumo I slit the dog’s throat and one when it prompted me to save the game. Not sure if it’s the game’s problem or my computer’s.

  4. So I had to threaten a guy with broken glass to find out that Servants of the Night was a pong team… wat.

  5. The dialogue was pretty hilarious. I actually think the simple art style worked very well for this game. Nice job with the animations/interactive clicking, too. I liked the fetch quest-type elements of this game.

  6. The art was hilarious and added a lot to the surreal atmosphere of the game. I especially like the panel with nothing but the pixellated exterior of a ‘bar’. You used a lot of interesting techniques, such as being able to pick up an object, which added to the sense that it was a game about games.

  7. I really liked the interactive clicking and being able to put things in my inventory and be able to communicate and interact with things in different ways. It is absolutely horrible that you have an option to slit the dog’s throat. I also like the ending, it is rather comical but I also feel as though it falls a bit flat. I am also not bothered by your drawings either, although I wish you drew the stick man like the others.

  8. The game asked me to save every other time i clicked, killed the rhythm of the story 😛

  9. I really liked the graphical style and the interactive you added in. I am still confused about the narrative, but maybe that’s the point? There were some choice selections where choosing one particular choice lead you back to the same choice selection and it was a bit confusing that you could select that same choice again and basically keep going in a circle. I think that it would have been interesting to explore utilizing the mouse interactive more in the story line itself, i.e. instead of using the story to explain that you are in a game, use the extra mouse features to add dimensionality to the game (for instance the scrolling backward kind of reminding me of braid and you could have used this going back in time within the storyline).

  10. There was a bug in one of the options if you killed the dog and told Tso about it. Now fixed 😀

  11. Awesome. I really liked that the protagonist was desperately trying to make a mundane situation interesting, like he was trying to force his life to become an rpg. “Do you have any quests for me?” Also, all I want in life is for the bartender to take his dog back so I don’t have to carry it around in the same bag as a shattered bottle anymore.

  12. I like the interaction part and the camera movement you put in. It feels like a detective game. Didn’t quite get the ending though.

  13. The idea of an RPGization of mundane life is interesting, together with all the meta references but the execution is super wacky on every level. Also, stick men are forbidden in this class.

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