1. I played through once so far, and will probably go back. Your writing gives the game an atmosphere similar to A Clockwork Orange – the protagonist is a monster. It’s a somewhat delicious feeling of discomfort. I like that in your games so far you have given brief glimpses of the world beyond the immediate events of the story. The detail is appreciated. Good job on the art, too.

  2. The music along with your writing is so unexplainably good. The protagonist (you) are crazy. I love the feeling of dissonance and foresight. The illustrations are very nice but the story is just so compelling that it overrides the need for images. Great.

  3. The illustrations and music are amazing, and really add to the emotional/dramatic atmosphere of the game. I like how you play as the kidnapper and are forced to act as a sadist whether you want to or not. The dialogue was very intense, too, and as I played more and more of the game I became more distressed for the angel 🙁

  4. Your artwork in this game is phenomenal, and the music is haunting. Great choice to put the player in such an extreme position of power. I found that as I carried out some of the actions (like cutting a limb off), the emotions evoked in the artwork really made me feel remorseful about what I’d done.

    The only thing bugging me is the lack of a title screen. Other than that, great job.

  5. Both your writing and illustrations are very well done. The sketchy style of the art and the shifting colors complement the writing. Playing as a sadist was unsettling, which I think shows how well you wrote the protagonist and the responses of the angel. I also love the details you put into the world.

  6. This left me a little confused and slightly nauseated. But that is good! Everything comes together to create an immersive and intriguing world. Image, music, dialogue, choices. The end left me wondering who the kidnapper was. What is their backstory and how deep does the world go? The experience is phenomenal. I just wish I knew more about the world they exist in.

  7. I actually couldn’t finish it because I couldn’t stand playing as someone who was that terrible with no explanation beyond “I’m a sadist”.

    The art was really good.

  8. I really like the illustrations, they were definitely my favorite part. The story was also really poetic but I had a bit of trouble really getting into in and getting into the shoes of the kidnapper. However I kept on trying to save the the prisoner but would always eventually kill her which made me pretty sad. I like how the game is split up into chapters, I feel like I am progressing when I see the new act come up.

  9. Terrific and terrifying. It’s rare to see something that works this well as a result of a week-long assignment. It looks “finished” in its technical simplicity. Good job!

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