1. I like the use of few colors and simple shapes to create a minimalist aesthetic. I think you show too much of the city, however, which make the buildings seem less imposing. Consider games like Canabalt, in which you can only see a small section of the skyline at a time.

  2. So far so good, I like the minimal aesthetics yet you have a lot of detail so far in your subjects. I am excited to see how it plays out.

  3. Looks good, man. I’m not sure I agree with you showing too much of the city, but either zooming in so that the skyline touches the left and right edges of the frame, or just adding more buildings, would aid that issue. I am curious to know what this is about.

  4. Yeah, definitely liking the aesthetic. (I am a mindless parrot.) Is that a train in front? Trains seem like they’d be really fitting for some reason.

    Maybe throw another row of buildings in the background? I dunno though, it looks good.

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