Assignment 3 – Two Games

Original Game:

The purpose of this game is to explore the objects in a train compartment. Because the images aren’t vectors, this is best played at around 1100×550 pixels in size (resize your browser window).


Marker Game – Pink:

A surreal game in which you aid a sexual predator. If you get stuck, click on his hand.



  1. I AM IN A TRAIN is well done I think that the train ‘inhabitants’ are my favorite part of the game. They make me question why and who i am as the character. I think that is one of the most important and wonderful parts of game.

  2. Holy shit I AM IN A TRAIN is crazy good. The styling is spot on for the feeling you’re trying to portray and the presentation of text works very well with the game, not too intrusive. The little text excerpts on the wall were also a great touch as they solidify what’s actually going on. The only question I had about the game was when I finished reading a bit of text a little “!” showed up. Was that supposed to show up before I read the text?

  3. I AM IN A TRAIN is super weird and cool. I love all of the strange and detailed dialogue that you include in your games. The art style is really interesting as well and the interaction with the scene and characters is well done. I was questioning who I was as the character and whether I was interacting with facets of myself or if they were separate beings, or parts of another person (the victim) – you did a good job of conveying a ‘life flashing before your eyes’ aesthetic … very powerful stuff. Definitely made me think.

    The Pink game is also very surreal. The animation when you grab the guy’s hand and his arm stretches looks pretty cool. I also love the color choices and your art. Again, I love how you always manage to have a deeper meaning/message in your games that makes me think. (I’m kind of a big fan of all of your games, not gonna lie.)

  4. Both games have a consistent oddity to them that makes them unique. I like your use of textures and colors. For the text in I AM IN A TRAIN, did you come up with most of it or are they quotes/ excerpts from other places? They are thought provoking and assembled very well. Great job on both.

  5. I liked the inclusion of Steve Job’s last words in I AM IN A TRAIN. I realized that the other things were probably quotes as well. I really liked the way that you could drag the hand in the other game too, that was very well executed

  6. Both of these games are absolutely amazing. I am in a train – from the art, to the quotes..just everything is so well done. did you get the idea for the game from the homeplay a while back?
    didn’t understand the second game but the art is very good, as always.
    also, why did you end up making two games though?

  7. Both of these are genius. I had a little trouble with the pink game, mainly because I’m an idiot and didn’t think to try to move stuff, only to click. I AM IN A TRAIN is killer. The aesthetic is wonderful and dark, and the character development is very interesting. I really enjoyed trying to pin identities on the passengers and myself.

  8. Alex, this first game is absolutely phenomenal. A humongous sense of mystery, trying to piece together how these texts and images are related. An engrossing aesthetic and compelling pieces of narrative. It has a not-so-subtle but effective reveal in the end. There’s such an uncomfortable but desirable feeling i get from it.

    The second one doesn’t feel like its description; its more of an awkward/well drawn/weird interaction with sexual overtones. Then again that might be what being a predator is? I don’t know.

  9. I think you need to start questioning your choice of traditional cis beauty torture roleplay. I really like the position that you are putting the viewer in, but I just don’t know if this kind of roleplay scenario is the best way to go about that, because as it happens I have no reason to not stop playing, or I can just blame the horrifying events on your creation of the game instead of my actions. You’ve gotten much more sophisticated with these last two games, which I’m really excited about, but especially with the second game it feels like you are just obscuring the core theme with layers of meaning. With I AM IN A TRAIN, you’ve gotten point where it engages the viewer, which is super cool, although I feel like the steve jobs quote is a little easy. I still don’t feel like these games make me invested in either the victimization of the women or the mindset of the torturer. Although you have probably already read this, Samuel R. Delany has a great way of writing an engaging story, masking the subject, and making you consider massively taboo subjects without you realizing until you are already wrapped in. isn’t an especially engaging short story but by the end you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of what is essentially pedophilia. Also reading Marquis De Sade, Kristeva, and Bataille and there views on perversion, the abject, and the taboo respectively. Take them with a grain of salt though, as some of the theory is pretty dated.

  10. You always have such strong narratives in your work.

  11. Both are great. I’m in a train really needs a David Lynchian soundtrack/soundscape.

  12. I AM IN A TRAIN is very immersive in every way, from the aestethic experience of it to the content in the quotes. It was very dark in its graphics as well as its quotes and it was raw (in a very good way) in the content it presented. It allows me to see into a very dark portrayal of a perceived reality and it allows for the player to make his own connections without forcing anything on him.

  13. Both are extremely strong aesthetically and interactions are very intuitive, intriguing and responsive. The first one was very eerie and the texts were interesting as well. They don’t quite make sense since they don’t have context but I think that is what you wanted to achieve, and overall you managed to build an interesting narrative using seemingly random clips of of information thrown together.

    The second one was my personal favorite, but both are really quite perfect. The sound was a bit jolting but it wasn’t really an issue and worked with the bizarre imagery and jolting aesthetics.

    Really well done 🙂 I am struggling with one game and you managed to make 2 really well done games. Congratulations!

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