Assignment 4

I haven’t made that much progress yet with assignment 4 due to having to finish projects for other classes but here is my basic idea: You are playing a girl who is living in a snow globe (though you don’t know it yet).  You explore your world and are able to interact with other objects in it in different ways but are only able to do so very zoomed in so you don’t have a sense of the larger picture or the scale of the world.  The landscape is all snow-covered and cold and it snowed on and off as you move (by someone shaking the snow globe).  As you explore the world, you gain different skills and attire such as warm fur clothing, the ability to make your own food, a shelter where you can rest, etc. that help you better survive in the cold environment.  Eventually (though I don’t know how or why yet) you realize that you are in this snow globe and the object of the game becomes trying to escape and live on your own independent of the world.  I don’t have that much artwork yet but here is some of me playing around with pixel art:

I realize that some parts of this are really vague and the scope is kind of big but I’m think that this is what I will want to work on for my final project so I’m hoping to get a small version done for assignment four and the whole game done for the final.

Also this is what I’m thinking about for my music: