Alex Lee – Assignment 4 – Game

Mandala of Infinite Happiness –

Made in Flash. Use the arrow keys to play.

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  1. I really like the art, but I have no idea what’s going on. I get to the middle of the sun, hit space, and nothing happens.

  2. As always! your stuff is awesome. Really cool way of moving across scenes with flash.

  3. Music and visuals go hand in hand, very nice. Is this a representation of our solar system? The jump cuts to each section of the world worked for the intro of the text and controls but once I was in the universe I wanted a more smooth movement so i could follow the orbits more easily. Who is the musical artist?

  4. So beautiful. you’ve done a great job of making a very accessible, explorable environment. the solar system you get to explore feels vast but directed. I love the spinning mandalas. I hit space early in the game and went into inverted color hyper-fast moving mode; i feel like that could be something that happens only once you reach the sun/you are prompted to hit space. Also, i agree with Katie, i feel like the prompt to hit space would change the scene, but it doesnt (it changes the color/speed of the player). I wish that prompt would fade out after a while to show that you are supposed to move away after seeing it.

  5. Great art and atmosphere. It’s an art tutorial. Think about what could happen next.
    The room-based, fixed screen exploration is a little annoying, I can give you a camera class to follow the guy. Also the game “feel” could be improved adding inertia and a smoother trigonometry based floating + sprite rotation.

  6. The art is beautiful and I really like the colors you used. (And the distinct brightness of the sun in comparison to the background colors.) It took me a while to realize that I had to hold space when you reach the sun, but I thought all the other control instructions were very well done. Very intuitive without having a text box prompt you or anything. The music definitely matches the atmosphere and setting, good choice. Overall, very well done. I spent a lot of time chasing all of the mandalas.

  7. Really cool environment with great art as always. I’m not sure what holding space does when you reach the sun – does this enable the ability to switch back and forth between moving quickly and slowly by holding space?

  8. I found Charon! But it didn’t do anything. Beautiful game though. The intro text reminded me a lot of Braid, and I like Braid…

  9. As always you never fail to amaze me. The animation is fluid, the transitions great. The instructions are also introduced in an interesting and aesthetic way. The space you allow me to explore is one that I actually wanted to explore and it was slowly revealed to me what this place actually is and seeing the beautiful planets was amazing as well. I don’t even care that there wasn’t much of a plot. I like that it allowed my imagination to do most of the creating and connecting. I love the simplicity yet complexity. I also like that it is uploaded to the net. Really well done.

    1. OHHH made in flash … that explains a lot more … haha still really well done though

  10. Visually superb, as always. But as said before, some issues need to be worked out with the space bar command.

  11. the graphics are awesome but i’m not really sure what to do except run into other scenes? is there anything more?

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