Assignment 4

Still in progress, but you can get the idea.

Without the narrating that I wanted the following things might not be clear:

After you come in from collecting the coins, sit at your desk.

Then go to your bed.


The game has the opportunity to infinite loop. To break the loop, you must go back to bed instead of going outside to collect the coins again.

  1. I like the color scheme of the game a lot. Very nice aesthetics. I really like the concept of going out and ‘collecting coins’ as a video game character’s day job. The ‘infinite looping’ is a great way of portraying the repetitiveness of everyday life. I felt that it was very relatable. 😛

  2. dig it. simple and funny. concept of repetition is interesting, and i like that you incorporated your actual ridiculous 210 homework in, with a faux way to ‘solve’ it. how could you push the idea of monotony and repetition in less obvious ways?

  3. I really like the color palette and the overall look of the game like the animations. I also liked the homework and end screen. It’d be cool if there was more to interact with though.

  4. Love the look. It would be nice if you could add more meanings and loops in it. A lot of potentials in this. : )

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