Assignment4 Progress

Haven’t finished…> <…

Got some bugs when I added the dialog boxes. For example, the scarecrow is a portal right now. Also, all the function related to screen refresh was obsolete after I updated my GameMaker . Didn’t know how to solve it. So right now it’s just some environment…

Will updated the assets if necessary..  T ^ T

  1. Is running into the scarecrow supposed to take you into the throne room?

    1. Nope, it should show the dialog box, but there is a bug : (

  2. I was a little confused by what to do – I got to the desert and the throne room, but there didn’t seem to be anything I could interact with in them. I found it interesting that going into a well would take you into a desert, but I like the surreal quality of it. The graphics and music are great and fit well together.

  3. The music and graphics feel very old-school JRPG – I like it! As with Katie, I noticed that running into the scarecrow takes you into the throne room, which I think is a bug…

  4. I know you’re not done yet, so here are some suggestions. As of now, a lot of the screens feel very empty with lots of blank space. This empty space makes it very obvious that the background is tiling. (Especially in the desert scene. I think it’d be better to have multiple sand textures or larger sand tiles to make it less obvious.) I also remember your proposal having to deal with emotions, so I’m a little sad to see that gone. I’m not sure how I feel about the music choice. In the original scene it fit much better than in the desert, where it feels too happy.

  5. this is a nice RPG game. I wish that there was a few more things to do. I know it isn’t done but I think that it is coming along nicely.

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