Assignment 4 – Snowglobe

Hi I know I’m super late with this but I got a late start and again started out with too big of a scope.  Basically you play this character in a snowglobe and you have to learn how to sustain yourself.  Right now what I have is two (really three) rooms: (1) you see the snowglobe on the shelf, (2) you see inside the snowglobe and (3) you see only what is immediately around the character.


You can use ‘z’ to zoom between the different rooms, ‘space’ to shake the snowglobe (shelf room), or make snowmen from piles of snow and make a campfire (other two rooms).  If you want to try you can download the game here:


I wanted to add in that the piles of snow only appear if you shake the snowglobe before zooming in (as well as snow on the trees and rocks and house and campfire), and that if you’re zoomed in for awhile the snow would start to melt.  I have all the artwork for this just didn’t have the time to implement it.  Also, I wanted to create status bars for hunger, rest, fun, and warmth that you can up by milking the cows/collecting eggs, going into the house, making snowmen, and making a fire, respectively.