Final Project Prosposals

I have four ideas for what I would want to do for my final project:

1) Expand upon my first project in undum, by integrating the letters better into the story as per comments on my post, and by adding illustrations.

2) Expand upon my first project in renpy or gamemaker, and making it a point-and-click adventure.  In this one, you would be able to travel through the different rooms of the house as different characters and you have to find all the letters.

3)  Expand upon my fourth project which can be download here:

4) Pursue a new project that was inspired my my fourth project.  I like the idea of needing to interact with the room(s) from both a zoomed in and zoomed out perspective, each of which corresponds to a different character.  Instead of a snowglobe though I would use a doll house, so that you play as the little girl who’s doll house it is and as the dolls within the house.  When you play as the girl, you can move around the furniture (and the dolls?) by pointing and clicking and when you play zoomed in as the doll(s), you interact with the different rooms using the keyboard, like with a platformer.  I’m still debating if this game would be a puzzle game that had an actual goal/ending or if it would be more of a toy that you can play with as the two types of characters.

  1. I like the snowglobe idea but I think it needs more interactions or reasons for interactions. I’m also not sure what shaking the snow globe really does besides making more snow and changing the background. Maybe you could put a lamp next to the snowglobe to toggle night and day? Slightly nitpicky, but there is a pink line around your snow piles that looks a little weird.

  2. I like it, it is really simple and straightforward and actually sort of reminds me of a tamagochi. If you could save her different states you could create a reason for a player to come back and keep taking care of this girl.

  3. Really liked the doll house idea. Puzzle platformer between the girl and her doll, so cute!

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