Addiction, Relapse

Basically a rehash of my previous project, but centered around the theme of drug addiction. Use the arrow keys to move around as you try to make your way to the next level. Grab the pill bottles at your own risk; some have more adverse effects than others. Additionally, talk to the figures and see what happens.

Music Used: Alt-j – Tesselate

  1. So, I like this idea of exploring the dangers of relapse in drug addiction. And indeed, it’s hard to do a perfect run (no hitting pills) in this game. I haven’t managed it, haha. Just so you know the third stage has a bottle that WILL hit you unless you move literally the millisecond you spawn.

    I was hoping for more dialogue from the characters standing around in the stages. The rebound to the beginning is good though.

  2. I like this idea. I like this game and how it plays as well. The lack of dialogue is what got me though. I wanted people talking and shouting or something. Also this game was quite challenging. liked it a lot.

  3. It’s still interesting gameplay. I like the subtle hints to narrative happening. There’s no really clear progression in narrative, environment, character changes, or difficulty to me, and it doesn’t feel like there’s any progress. I can see where this could be intentional, like “relapses mean no progress,” but there’s no progress from level to level or from ending to when it restarts. For that to be effective, you need to give more of that feeling that things are getting more difficult but “better” for the character, then the “relapse” will be more effective; instead it just feels like “ok, game done, automatic restart”

  4. Seconding what Eric said about progress.
    Also, I liked the graphics, since it makes it seem like you’re walking around in a haze kind of. The blur gets to be a bit much on the one really zoomed in level, maybe zoom that out a bit?

  5. I already commented in class and I second your classmates’ suggestions. To summarize:
    – kudos for approaching such a tough topic
    – I like the trade-offs and the illusory bonuses that certain drugs give you
    – the energy bar is absurdly big
    – some elements like the pixel exit is too cryptic
    – you should be able to beat your own game

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