Dysfunctional is a game about a family. Up to eight players can join in a session, each taking on the role of a family member helping to clean a newly inherited home in preparation for resale. One of the family members is a greedy sonofabiscuit though, and his or her (randomized) objective is to kill off the other family members or convince the family to disown them by preventing them from cleaning the house. The rest of the family must discover who the killer is, and agree to kill him or her by majority vote, before the killer eliminates everyone!


tl;dr – the game works with exactly 8 people. no more, no less, no disconnecting allowed.



WASD      –>  move

Enter      –>  open chat/ send chat

(in chat) /accuse <name>      –>  accuse this player of murder. opens up a vote.

(in chat) /vote <yes, no>     –>  vote yes for guilty, no for innocent, for the accused player

Space     –>  kill, if you are the killer and you have poison

  1. if dis be working, it would be daaaa awesome. i like the art, and it controls nicely. I think there’s nothing wrong with this odd chat room where you can just kill people. I’d love to see it working!

  2. I haven’t been able to find any tasks. Is there some way of interacting with objects to see if they need cleaned or something?

    I like the art style, it works well with the idea of the game.

    Movement is a little awkwardly fast at times, I’ll be wandering around and then ZOOM hyperspace doorway.

    While we haven’t managed to get enough people to play a full game, am I write in guessing that the voting mechanic is kind of like the game Mafia?

  3. It was cool when I played it and I was just running around typing random things and accusing people. It’s like a chatroom, but more dynamic. I’d really like to see this with the proper number of people playing though.

  4. This is friggin brilliant. It’s like your family is all going about their business and you’re the killer and the same invisible voice telling your family to clean only tells you kill your family.

  5. now that it’s played. i like it a lot; it would be perfect if accusing the wrong person didn’t end the game, and if it could keep track of multiple people being accused simultaneously. It’s fast-paced and fun, competitive and social. yeah yeah nice!!

  6. while it is clear that it might not be absolutely complete and seemingly very fragile it was also clear how enjoyable a game this is. I would love to see it more stable, I like keeping the other players preoccupied and having the killer run around. The voting looks like it needs a bit of tweaking. I don’t know if you play League of Legends but when you vote to surrender a thing pops up and you can say yes or no by clicking a button. I think that might be the best option for you. You can still do other actions but it is obvious enough to vote that everyone would know that they should. Also League of Legends have a timer on it so after a period of time it just counts up the votes given so far and decides on what the majority of votes say.

    I like the art work too 🙂

  7. Once perfected, I could see myself playing this for a solid hour. The gameplay is very involved with everything thats going on which keeps the player constantly engaged, plus the music n interface work together in an endearing way 🙂 BAWSSSS

  8. Good job, it’s an ambitious project – both in technical and design terms – and deserves to be fixed.
    Besides a few major bugs you are aware of, and streamlining the login process, I strongly recommend to add a directional hint for the tasks (like an arrow) and make sure that the players have enough time to chat and vote. Maybe the countdown and the movements stop when you are typing?

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