Eric and Bueno – Stranger

Only works for windows, sadly. As of now the game is still sadly unfinished – the number of combinations of dead and alive characters over three seasons, and the results of that, turned out to be overwhelming to code. That said, all we need is brute force and time.

Play as a stranger in a strange land. Is it true that when all you have is a bow, everything looks like a target?


  1. Unfortunately I fell through a glitch at the third cliff. I tried to keep ignoring the errors popping up after I killed the slavers, but I guess they got to me. Beautiful stuff though.

  2. The music really started to get to me at the end. The game definitely seemed to get darker as the seasons passed on, and the music was a huge part of that. The landscapes were killer; the animations were great. All it needs now is the story. I definitely want to play it through when it’s finished!

    1. Whoop! Updated. Game should now be error-free.

  3. whoaaaaa I like these graphics. Yes. Excellent atmosphere.
    Game looped a couple times and then I was stuck on a snow level. Is that what’s supposed to happen?

  4. I love the art work you’ve done for the game. My reaction for the game would be to kill everything so I think it might be a good idea to find a way to make it a little less appealing to kill everything. Excited to see it finished 🙂

  5. BAWS art, loved the “basement of my aunts house during a family event cause she had an atari which is awesome” feel 🙂 played smooth, though i shot the deer by accident after it followed me a long way… made me sad 🙁 though the choices are not only choices to shape the game, they are also ethical choices which shine a light on who the player actually is, very cool. Bomb beta, lookin forward to the finished version 😀

  6. Sadly unfinished as you say. The game logic may be messy and the branches to take into account more than you expected but we are not talking about anything technically overwhelming. It just a lot of if / then conditions and you should be able to pull it off.

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