Final – Washington.

Hey everyone! Here it is. GW himself coming to save the day. Also it isn’t WASD to move.. I changed that this morning to the Arrow keys. yep.

Also make sure you hit the cherry-tree.. it gives you an ipod to use lol.

below is da game. dropbox link todownload.



  1. Can’t run on Windows?

  2. I love the graphics. It has a strong sense of style even though it’s a bit similar to other GameMaker-type games we’ve seen in this class. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I thought the dialogue was funny throughout and I never got bored. In one section the perspective seemed to zoom out so that George was only a tiny figure on the screen, and I might like to see that idea taken further, like being able to travel on an old world map or something.

    There were a couple problems with the collisions, and some of the boundaries didn’t match the graphics.

  3. The animation and graphics are so great. Effective campiness. There are some areas where not all the frame if filled with the graphics (the screen shrinks), but this just makes me lol at the brokenness. Aesthetically perfect, supported by great American tunes and hilarious dialogue. I’ve now gotten caught on multiple signs and have to force quit, which is really frustrating. I also feel that the navigation/moving (no diagonals) is tedious and kind of frustrating.

  4. It wouldn’t run on my mac 🙁 Game Maker exports be trippin…

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