PROJECT SUPERCAT! by Clyde Shaffer, Rachel Tadeu and Martin Mittner

Project SUPERCAT: Escape From Geothermal Zone is an exploratory platform adventuring game with lava and fire and badguys and you are a cat.

You also are a cat that has a robot suit that can punch things.

You can download and view instructions at

  1. This is interesting. I like the graphics. I wish there was more feedback e.g. to say that I’m in an area that I had been in already, or when I’m about to die, etc.

    Beyond that I wasn’t really sure what my goal was so I just wandered around for a bit.

  2. I really this was a good game. I don’t know the goal and I haven’t played it through yet, but I felt like i was just wandering?

  3. I love the graphics and the environment is really nice and I didn’t mind wandering around aimlessly because I wanted to explore every inch of it. Very superb. This is just me being nitpicky but I don’t like the sound the cat makes when it jumps. Seems a bit too cartoony/8-bit-esque, not really cohesive with the style of the rest of the game.

  4. I got the suit. I punched dogs and doors and pieces of expensive looking equipment. Graphics were great, animation was great, the mouse-cam was a little over-sensitive I think. I had a lot of trouble controlling it. Not really sure of what I was supposed to be doing in the game besides punching and not being on fire, not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things… Although I did give up after the lava-rock room when I realized I had to go BACK across the lava-rocks.

  5. YEEEAH EFFIN SUPERCAT. I don’t know, i felt it was pretty obvious what needed to happen (go to where you can and do what you can to escape). Need some direction on how to open doors (if i didn’t overhear “punch it” i wouldn’t know). Could you fix is so that he doesn’t glide while moving and punching simultaneously? Good graphics, like the sounds (they’re consistent). Some more narrative could definitely be implemented. Getting the suit is epic.

  6. Really really well put together. My only complaint is that I died at the lava rocks twice and then got too frustrated to do them over again, but that’s probably my fault. I just get so impatient with the darn things.

  7. Mouse sensitivity keeps murdering me. Why’d you take the adjustor out?
    No other complaints really. Cat cat cat cat cat. (I feel like I’ve already given a whole bunch of feedback on this one playtesting @_@ so I don’t really have things to say) Maybe throw in a minimap to show where you are? The doors serve as more of a visual indicator than there was before but there’s still an element of “wait did I go this way or what”.

  8. Well, that was just about the most awesome way this game could’ve turned out. 5/5. No, 6/5, the extra is for the awesome factor. Though I’m a sucker for a zelda-esk dungeon, it was still well put together. Though you did have to wander, thats the whole point; you had to explore all the rooms to get triggers/things to use to proceed. The initial mini boss area was surprisingly intense for the simple attack limitations (just 2 types of punching), and I found saves at all the right places EXCEPT the top of the windy lava-race part. After losing to the flamethrowers multiple times, having to run all the way back up was a bit lame, but that could just be ur game-forgiveness (or lack of) choice. Also the section in the beginning when u saw a dogbot punching the water outlet was a great reference for later, I got stuck on the later part but knew I had seen the water outlet before, so I went back n found how to activate it. Clutch! The music was well written for each seciton of the game as well. Though it appears to be just another unity game, the clever design choices and planning make for a rewarding experience 🙂 loved the yoshi story-esk ending cinematic as well. The cat made it!!

  9. Pretty epic! Hope there were more checkpoints. In the room with water, the dogbot had his head in the wall somehow… And it would be nice if the doors can have some signs on them. I kept getting in the wrong door.. > < Liked the jet pack!

  10. Good job, I’m glad you fixed the controls, it’s very enjoyable although some graphic elements (like the floppy disk) are way too wacky looking and out of place. I’ll tell you the rest in class.

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