City of Play Report – Social Games!

I attended the City of Play on Saturday,  from 4pm – 5pm which happened to be the social games session. It was quite funny for people were so quiet and “non-socializing” before the game started, but then it got really heated up once the staff set off the games.

Weenis Wars

If it dangles, grab it! Weenis Wars is a fast-paced game where opponents have 15 seconds to grab as many “Dangles” off their opponents’ weenises as they can.

I like this game for its simplicity yet lots of fun. By trying to grab your opponents’  “Dangles” while keeping your foot unmoved, you’re automatically doing funny choreography, and somewhat have to interact with your opponents physically, serving the job for social purpose. Everyone, the participants and people like me watching, was laughing so hard during and after the game. You just can’t stop watching!


A chaotic game about traffic jams, car wrecks, and dinner parties. The game of Bottleneck is fast-paced and high-stakes, as players rush around, yell out silly phrases, and link arms…but some of them might wreck if they don’t pay attention!

The game’s rules are simple:

  • form a group of four
  • find common things you can do
  • card colors should be different
  • the vehicles should not crash
  • collect 4 winner cards to win!

You’re given an occupation card where lists three things you should do to accomplish one round and get a winner card. Here comes the social part, you cannot win by playing alone, for each thing you’ll need to find 3 other players to claim the winner card with you.

I joined the first round and was so lucky to be the winner for the first round! I was a patient who got cured by the doctor, an artist who threw a dinner party, open an Etsy shop, went to gallery opening.  The fun part of playing this game is that you’re learning by playing and in order to do win, you have to shout out your needs, as opposed to being a quiet person sitting in the corner – no one would find you if you don’t speak out. All those involve social activities.

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