Cave Game: Plan for the next few weeks

Current state:

  • Model for first few “rooms” complete
  • Models for stalactites, stalagmites, rocks, boulders, and crystals
  • Sound effects for dripping water, echoing, footsteps, etc.
  • First person controller with camera flash
  • 3D sketch of the rest of the game
  • Water and smoke effects

To do (with current priority):

  • Faster gameplay; currently lagging (high)
  • More rooms base modeled (high)
  • Fill rooms with base level cave models: stalactites, stalagmites, etc. (high)
  • Better textures for existing models (med)
  • Better crystal formations (high)
  • Growing crystals scripts (high)
  • Create water level (med)
  • Sounds for growing crystals (med)
  • More sounds for character (low)
  • Monster build (med)
  • Monster scripts (med)
  • Remake start screen (low)
  • Make pause screen (low)

Next few weeks plan:

  • Nov 8: Find and implement optimization methods
  • Nov 15: Model more rooms, fill with crystals/rocks/stalactites/stalagmites/water
  • Nov 21: Have prototype of water level completed
  • December 1: Have first rooms completed: Drop Zone, underground lake, stalactite maze (intro to hazardous crystals), crawling area, water dropoff

I like making interactive things. Sometimes these things are also games.
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