Sebrand Warren Final Proposal


Dance Telephone Game

Start by saving and replaying skeleton data, then research how to evaluate the performance. Make a nice storyboard showing how you picture the interaction, how to communicate the goal to the player and visual layout.

Nov 11: get skeleton data over time to record and play back.

Nov 13: have research on how to evaluate. Begin working out the technicalities.

Nov 18: Moc-up Visuals.

Nov 28: Completed Visual Layout and interaction.

Dec 2: Finalize evaluation and interaction.

Sebrand Kinect Idea

Dance With self. Begin dancing and then use recording of that to inform your futuer dance moves. Think of telephone but with your body and your own starting point.

City of Play

I was in a workshop organizing for Power Shift all day on Saturday so I was unable to enjoy the large majority of activities held at city of play. However, I was able to make it to the free after party where I got to drink my fill of beer and play this fun ninja game.


I can’t remember what it was called, but it had an interesting and simple mix between computer and body.


On the screen there is a randomly generated board set to parameters based on height and width as well as number of teams.

The teams are composed of ninja and sensei. The ninja is blindfolded while the sensei gives orders based off of the computer generated map.

The computer generated map is meant to mirror a grid of carpet samples laid out on the floor. The samples are spaced with a 6″ margin approximately. The ninja must peek out of the bottom of it’s blind fold in an attempt to avoid stepping on the carpet samples.

The PA system screams “MOVE” every few seconds at which point all the ninjas can take one step of whatever distance they want.

The goal of this game is for the sensei to give effective vocal orders to it’s corresponding ninja to guid the ninja to coordinates of their team color as represented on the computer generated map. Each appropriate color coordinate reached gains the team one point. However, the more common path to victory is to be the last man standing. Each ninja has a foam sword with which it can slash the legs of the other ninjas with the help of it’s sinsei’s guiding voice. It is either by having ones legs slashed or stepping on a carpet sample that one may be removed from the game.

The game was somewhat enjoyable but could be too fast paced. Perhaps a larger scale board would have made things more interesting.