Final Project Proposals

  1. “La Favela” (working title)

Description – Third-person quest game set in a favela. The player would both be able to explore the environment on a scooter bike and explore different areas, as well as interact with non-player characters and complete tasks / find items in exchange for coins or other precious items. Items and coins can be used as currency in stores in order to acquire upgrades and improve aspects of the community. There is no fighting/violence the character takes part in.


  • Jet Set Radio Future (in player-controller mechanic)
  • Michiko E Hatchin (in narrative)
  • Paintings by Miltão dos Santos & Carybé (in color palette/style)


Statement of Purpose – I’ve been fascinated with Rio and Brazil in general as of recently, due to the Olympics (the Ryan Lochte situation) and various movies and documentaries I’ve seen. It’s kind of a motif to paint most South American / Latin American countries as poor and crime-ridden in gaming and media (City of God, Gangstarr Rio: City of Saints, Fast and Furious, etc). I wanted to create a game that would highlight the rich art and culture of favelas in Brazil while still illustrating the issues that reside.

2. “Otherness” (lol another working title)

Description – Third-person low-poly combat game. You begin by picking the avatar of either an islander or an aristocrat. This begins you on either the island or in the city (respectively). The avatar you choose will impact the goal of your gameplay and the way non-player characters interact with you. For example, if you are islander, your goal is to infiltrate and sabotage the townspeople’s weapons. The town people will interact with you differently if you are an islander versus if you are an aristocrat. Your enemies will be the warriors/militia of the opposing group of people.


  • Runescape/most MMORPGS (in unique interactions with each player)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (in themes and narrative)


Statement of Purpose-I want a basis for a game that eventually takes in your physical appearance, records your race, gender, and age, then creates an avatar with a unique experience in the game in their goals, and interactions with everyone around them. This is just the starting point. Wish to expand on this to create more than 2 worlds for the avatars to start in

3. “Escape

Description– a first-person VR exploration game with a very loose narrative. The only real aim is to explore the environment and gather the collectibles scattered throughout.


  • Jet Set Radio Future (in cel-shading render style)
  • ABZU (in mood, player-controller mechanic, flow, and simplicity of narrative) as well as Flow and Journey
  • Ukiyo-e Woodblock prints (in color palette/style).


Statement of Purpose– I really enjoy “pointless” games or games that are very therapeutic with little to no narrative. This project will be very heavily modelling/animation intensive with some focus on the way the camera moves throughout the environment. I also want to experiment with the different rendering styles and shaders and what mood that can achieve.