Project Proposal: Rush Hour Repair (Jason Ma, Kristin Yin)

Title: Rush Hour Repair (title in progress)

Description: A diner dash typing variant where the player is a hobby shop engineer who will take orders from customers, gather the pieces, feed them through a machine, and return the completed product to the customer.

Research statement: Our goal is to explore more typing games that have no mouse functionality. We were initially inspired by typing of the dead, which was a spin off from a typical point and click game to a keyboard only game.


Next, we wanted to explore perhaps a game with more urgency, like diner dash. The game can never be won, but a parameter for success would be how many customer orders you can take before you lose. As the game progresses, more and more customers will come in with more complicated requests.



Game References:

  1. Typing of the dead
  2. Diner dash
  3. Rwandan(?) Typing game (Paolo showed us in class, but we couldn’t seem to track down the artist behind it)

Non-game references:

  1. Drones
  2. Time optimization
  3. Recipe making