Homeplay: Keita Takashi

Katamari Damacy:

Katamari: magical adhesive ball that becomes increasingly larger the more objects you stick to it.

Essentially the plot is King of the Cosmos destroyed the cosmos and so you (as Prince) must roll the cosmos up in a katamari to rebuild the universe.

Noby Noby Boy:

nobi: stretch in japanese.

nobinobi: carefree in japanese

Controls a long stretchy character called Boy.  Points accumulated by stretching.  Points can be submitted to “Girl” and “Sun” characters.  The “Girl” begins on earth and stretches throughout the universe.  She has officially united the universe by stretching all the way around the universe.


Wattam is a game about friendship and holding hands.  You play as a cube called Mayor.  Essentially the player gathers “friends” which are sentient objects and creatures like sushi, mushrooms, and toilets.  A lot of this game is finding how these friends can work together to achieve self made goals.