Project Proposal Update: Lost at Sea



Global warming has flooded the planet and submerged everything underwater. You are lost at sea among the ruins of an underwater planet, and your goal is to stay alive for 10 days, upon which you will reach an outpost of fellow survivors and “win” the game.

Along the way, you pick up bottled messages from other people who are presumably in the same situation as yourself, lost and alone on the ocean. You can reply to the messages by selecting from pre-written options, but whether or not you ever get a response back is up to chance.  “Sending a bottled message expresses a hope to find connection in a fear-filled world.”

As you float along, you may also come across junk objects and other items of the past that reveal to you the state of the world and the climate change apocalypse, since nothing will be explicitly revealed to you when you start playing.

You stay alive by performing actions that keep your hunger, thirst, and exposure at good levels, but these actions will no longer be the focus of the game (rather, the discovery/story/exploration aspect will be the focus.) These actions will be simply performed by clicking on various objects in or around the boat. If you hover your mouse over something that is clickable, it will have a highlight around the outline.

Random events that might occur include storms, shark attacks, and finding other boats.