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Ben Scott v buildserver

A simple Unity plugin which turns coffee into VR games.
Visit the Wiki for more information.




  • fixed a memory error when moving between too many rooms
  • new feature: fear of the unknown
  • some personality-related bug fixes


  • networking feature now stores multiple clients + names
  • fixed a bug which caused time to disappear in VR mode


  • “return to home” button removed for consistency
  • behaviour cleaned up and now more responsive

Howdy, I’m Roger Liu (>’_’)>


Hey everyone, my name is Roger Liu.


I like all sorts of video games! Fighters and Metroidvania like games are what one would call my niche, though my favorite parts of games are those which utilize the interactive nature of the medium for clever tricks and unique experiences. Moments like the [REDACTED] section in Metal Gear Solid 2 and the [REDACTED] boss fight in Undertale are what I’m talking about.

I lack a profolio, but I have a bunch of links to things that I’ve done at Game Jams and through GCS (Game Creation Society). Though my asset generation abilities are rather lackluster, I make up for it through ideas and code that can scale to match it (>^_^)> (This won a thing at last years jam :D)


Hi I’m Kat, digital artist

2016-08-25 16.33.45

Hi, I’m Katherine Tsai! (I also go by Kat online)


I mostly like more relaxed environment games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Undertale, but I also enjoy MMO and action-oriented games that I can play with friends like League of Legends and Guild Wars 2. I would say that interesting characters, immersive environments, and the “mood” of the game are most important to me when I play.

Here’s my Tumblr blog

Here’s my portfolio

And here are some selections of my work that are more animation/game oriented!

pastry witch's housewitch project 1cam's roomtoby's room

5. Flowers9. Falling Down the Rabbit Hole12. The Caterpillar2. Alice3. Queen of Hearts

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