7 Micro Games – Kate

  1. Cat Whisperer: Walk until you find a cat on the street. Whoever the cat allows to pet them first wins the trust of the cat, but doesn’t win the game. The cat decides the winner and you’re all losers in the eyes of a cat.
  2. I’m not the stalker, you are: Follow a person around all day. If they confront you, accuse them of following you before they can accuse you of following them. If you convince them that they’re the creep, you win.
  3. Marriage: Pick a flower and give it to the first hottie you see. Ask them out. Go on a date. Get married. Live the rest of your lives together. If they reject or dump you, you lose.
  4. Someone Else’s Shoes: Find someone you don’t see eye to eye with and get them to give you their shoes. Put them on even if they don’t fit and walk a mile in them. Give them back and tell them what you think their life’s story is. Get into the nitty gritty details, like maybe their relationship with their estranged father or why they think their girlfriend cheated on them. If you don’t get slapped, you win.
  5. Bedtime: Stay up talking until people fall asleep. If you’re the last one up you win! Your prize is loneliness and the existential dread that comes with sleepless nights.
  6. Mystery Pen Pal: Pick a random address in a phone book and send them a letter. Include a return address. Keep writing letters until they contact you back. If they tell you to stop sending them things, you lose. If you gain a friend, you win.
  7. Dish Licker: Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? Pick up a plate and lick it to find out. If it’s clean, now you have a dirty plate and need to wash it again and you lose. If it’s dirty you win an unexpected snack!