7 Micro Games – Avi

Existential Dread Starter Pack

  1. Joshua: Convince someone to play a game with you. Begin making up rules. Capture their attention for as long as possible. When they lose interest, you lose.
  2. Death note: The person whose name is remembered the longest after the die wins.
  3. Caesar: Make an enemy. MOD1: As slowly as possible. MOD2: As quickly possible.
  4. Silent mutation: Go as long as possible without saying anything. If you someone verbally acknowledges that you are not saying anything, you win. MOD: The player to be called out the fastest wins.
  5. Decrepency: write two obituaries; one as if you were to die today, and one as if you were to die in a future where you have already become the person you want to be. Which obituary is more surprising?
  6. Zenaphobia: waste as little time as possible in your life. MOD: waste as much time as possible.
  7. Bit rot: recall an old memory. Rather than simply acknowledging that the memory exists, explore the memory in your mind. Is it as intact as you remember? Is it a memory or just the memory of a memory?