HomePlay – Spaceteam

Spaceteam is actually one of my favorite games! I’ve played it thoroughly in the past. I think the game is brilliant in that it easily creates a high-intensity atmosphere with a strong sense of urgency.





Basically, it’s a game that you can only play when you’re on the same WiFi connection as people, i.e. you are together in person. You and your friends work together to fly a rapidly failing space ship. Each of you is continually receiving a set of instructions that is ever-changing, and only one of you has the required buttons and dials on the screen to fix the issue. For example, player A may have “set the thermoblasters to 5”, and player C has to hear their instructions, and realize that they have control over the thermoblasters. It’s an excellent, easy to understand, quick, silly game.

Game Creation

Spaceteam is an iPhone and Android game created by Henry Smith. It was released in 2012. Originally, Spaceteam was actually an experiment for Henry Smith to learn app development.


Spaceteam was widely successful. Many major video game news outlets have reviewed it highly, and it has been downloaded over three million times. It hasn’t made much money though, but that was never Henry Smith’s intention. Critics are widely in favor of it, but some reviews I read have said that there isn’t much variety if you continue to play the game many times. It won Game City Prize’s Best Game of 2013 award, IndieCade’s interaction award, A MAZE Indie Connect Festival, and Excellence in Innovation at the 10th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards.