The Yahwg



Have You Played… The Yawhg?

Nitesh and Avi’s Thoughts

Overall we enjoyed the game! We think it would make a fun party game… not so much a single-player experience. More spectators would probably make it even better. The rounds are short, taking no more than 5-20 minutes depending on how many characters are in play and also how carefully you make decisions. Our first round was confusing to us because we weren’t sure how stats affected the gameplay and how our choices affected the stats. After playing a second time, we definitely began to see the appeal, but were unsure about replayability. After doing some reading of both Steam user and critical reviews (there’s even a wiki!) we realized how many endings there are (50+ for each of 4 characters). Once players learn how their actions affect their stats, they can effectively just “grind” their way through the game and ensure a positive outcome. However, the appeal of the game is seeing all of the different scenarios. We agree with the critical praise of the game’s artwork and music, both of which are somewhat beautiful but also kind of haunting. Overall, we both agreed that we’re happy to now have this game in our Steam libraries!