Free Game Creation Tools


Unity – free if you are making less than $100K

Remember: some of the best features are in the packages, to be installed separately

Unity Asset Store – 3rd party assets marketplace

Gold player – FP controls for unity

Xinput – Game controller tester

Oikospiel Tools – Add basic interactions without coding

iTween – tweening library for procedural animation

Ink – Unity integration

Microsplat – more advanced alternative to Unity terrain

UCLA Mesh creator – extrude sprites in unity

Writing / Prototyping

Bitsy – make minimalistic exploration games

Inky – hypertext editor for ink


Blender – the leading 3d creation suite

Sprytile – 3d tiles in blender

Magikavoxel – easy voxel modeling

Makehuman – realistic human generator

AwesomeBump – generates normal, height, etc maps from a single image

Meshmixer – mash up 3d models (warning: models may be too high poly)

Meshlab – Remeshing tool, especially to simplify and clean up photogrammetry models

Instant Meshes – Create a clean mesh from a high poly model

Terrain Party – height maps from real world terrain

Snappy Tree – Procedurally generate trees (not optimized)


Piskel – pixel art drawing and animation

Pixelator – images to pixel art

Paint of Persia – pixel rotoscoping

TileSetter – tile set creator

Tiled – map editor

Ogmo – 2D level editor

Music and sound

Chiptone – Generate sound effects

Bosca Ceoli – Simple sequencer, exports midi and wav

Bleeper – Generate single chiptune tones

Blender – Quick sound effects from samples

Paul stretch – extreme sound stretching