Resources: Control system templates

Two Axis Movement and Camera Follow

I made this video to function also as an intro to Unity scripting so check it out to refresh your memory

UnityPackage here

FPS controls – Gold Player

A complete open source component for first person shooter like movement and camera management. It has head bob, step sounds etc. If it’s a bit of an overkill for your project check the template below

Simple First Person Controls

Download the first person controller + interactable + teleport scripts.

FPS with Rigidbody

Unity’s character controller doesn’t rely on rigid bodies, making physics driven controls more complicated.
This template and tutorial show you how to implement a simple FPS controller that uses physics:

2d platformer

Point and Click

Point and click movements with pathfinding is a complex problem, thankfully Unity provides a navigation mesh component that makes it super easy to implement

Text tutorial and script here

3rd Person Shooter Movement

It may seem like a variation of the FPS movement but it’s more complicated because the movement and the camera controls are connected and actually implementing a good camera is not trivial.
This tutorial introduces the unity package cinemachine, which does a LOT of heavy lifting for you such as the view occlusion.

Script used in the tutorial
If you want to bind the look to a standard joypad right stick go to project settings > Input Manager > and change mouse X and mouse Y to the 4th and 5th axis respectively.

Vehicle controls

Vehicle controls are usually heavily dependent on physics and they can get quite complicated and specific. This tutorial below is a good template that can be adapted to a variety of cases.

I implemented decode described below and fixed some issues with the controller, you can download a package here.
It includes the script and a prefab car but not the race track scenario which you can find here

You can find more realistic systems like this one but they will be harder to figure out and modify.

Dynamic Camera

Cinemachine can facilitate other kinds of dynamic cameras like the one used in A Short Hike


Graphic User Interface (UI)

If your game view incorporates a user interface or some kind of overlay (eg. visual novel portraits), you want to learn Unity’s UI system. You can find plenty of tutorials, here’s my intro one which also covers off screen camera rendering – how to composite camera views in the interface.

UI example file here

New Input System

Unity has a new input system that you may want to consider for the final project later on.
It’s a bit more esoteric at first but it should take take of controller compatibility issues across platforms.