Tool: Codecks / project management

Elect a project manager in your team.
The project manager is not going to be the “boss”, or somebody who is more responsible that others, but rather a person who:

  • schedules meetings
  • writes down notes, tasks and meeting decisions
  • structures and maintains the project management system
  • oversees and identifies issues in the workflow
  • acts as a liaison with the professor outside of class if needed

Nobody here has real experience with project management, so volunteer yourself if you think this could be a possible direction of your life after graduation.

The project manager is still expected to do creative work in the team, but if you already have the impression you are going to contribute less than others for any reason, this could be a job for you!

We are going to use for project management.
It’s a tool for tracking tasks similar to Trello, but oriented to game development.

I (the prof) will act as producer and I may add tasks or set milestones for each project.
The project management is part of coursework and it will be evaluated so take it seriously.

As a team, add all the tasks – from bugs to missing features – to the system and assign them to each team member.