Project: Non-humanoid character

Human movement beyond the human form

(All made at CMU!)

All prerendered and simulation heavy, but mind what is possible in pre-render CGI usually becomes possible in real time after 5 -10 years.

Low tech but effective


Create a non-human character to be animated by mocap data. Either made of rigid things parented to bones (as in random access character), or deformed by a humanoid skeleton, or both.


Mixamo Mocap animation + custom skin / rig 

What if your automatic rigging didn’t work because your character is not humanoid enough?
You can use a standard armature, edit it, and apply the skin in blender. It can then be imported to mixamo and you can use all the mocap animations.

Download the Mixamo standard armature
Download the Mixamo armature renamer add on if you don’t have it

You can parent meshes to bones from a Mixamo standard armature to add accessories or create a character entirely made of objects, to be animated with mocap data.