Assignment: Interactive Stories (Twine, Bitsy, Downpour)

Turn one of the interactive exercises (Twine, Bitsy, or Downpour) into a complete project.

Grading Criteria

It’s a work by an adult artist, it has a theme, a vision, a purpose, it addresses a complex/personal/difficult topic.
It’s formally accomplished, well written, compelling, or experimental.
It’s thoughtfully structured: the choices are meaningful and interesting, you can’t tell the same story through linear media.
It is not linear
It’s finished: there are no missing passages, dead ends, abrupt ending.
It’s NOT a choose-your-own-adventure for children.
It’s NOT a mundane college life simulation.
If pushes against the limitation of the tool by using unconventional solutions, novel formats, out-of-the-box thinking.

It has a touch of visual customization, it doesn’t use a completely default theme.
Limit each passage to 300 characters
It has at least 10 meaningful choices (passages with branches)
It has a cover image for your story, something image that sets the tone. It doesn’t have to be integrated in the twine story, it’s just for the itchio submission and the submission on this website.

It has no default music or graphics
It has at least 4 “rooms”
It tells a story non linearly, through narrative bits disseminated in a coherent environment (think of it as a world-building assignment)
You reused graphic assets economically (tiles and modular assets are common in game design)
It communicates the affordances of a space, such as: where are the exits, what are the walls, what are you supposed to do, where are you supposed to go (this huge part of game design, level design, and art direction in interactive media)

It communicates the links clearly
It’s a complete experience without dead ends
It has at least 10 pages
It has at least 10 choices (pages with branches)
It has a title page


Download it and post it in itchio with a proper page with screenshots, description etc.
Make it playable full screen (it’s an setting)
Post the link in #assignments