Assignment Final – Vision Quest – Melissa and William

Do you have the Will Power to find your vision?  Or will your quest merely deteriorate into a struggle to survive?

Controls, Keyboard   H – Pulse   P – Awaken   Q, E – Left, Right   SPACE – Breathe

Vision Quest Original Play

Vision Quest Kid Friendly Play

  1. Ah, like QWOP. I feel like I have achieved something for making it anywhere in this game… Highly frustrating 🙂 I think though that it is also annoying because of the coughing. I might play this again and again trying to get awesome at this if the sounds didn’t annoy the hell out of me. Still very cool.

  2. I how I had no idea what to do at first, but learned really quickly through trial-and-error. The graphics are great and the relative silence gives it a dreamlike feeling. I love the voice of the narrator. I wasn’t that compelled to try again once I finally died, however, because the actions seemed a bit repetitive, and didn’t pose a ‘fun’ challenge like QWOP did.

    1. *like how

  3. I died a lot, and I was frustrated. I would have liked to see more feedback as to how my actions were killing me – what was I letting slip? Cool concept though

  4. On the first playthrough, yes, it’s pretty frustrating. But that’s because I lacked understanding, much like any vision quest. 🙂

    Wonderful job on the graphics, you really pulled off a feeling of a vast expanse with relatively limited assets. I still don’t know if there is an end because I’m not that good at the game, but I did get a rhythm going naturally after a while, much like the bodily rhythms we normally ignore.

  5. I think the game benefits from me losing. I learn slowly how the game works and how a rhythm develops in the game. I want there to be more of a goal. Some story narrative or likewise to keep me interested and focused.

  6. Like a lot of people have said, reminded me a lot of QWOP, except with a time limit. I like that I was forced to get a rhythm going, but was annoyed by the coughing as I couldn’t figure out if it meant I was suffocating or if those were supposed to be just normal breathing noises. I liked the faded voices in the background a lot, and I wish there was some indication of what I was messing up so I would be more motivated to retry.

  7. I kept hitting the buttons and was all WHEEE I’M DOING IT and then flop I died.

  8. The visuals are pretty nice, it was a bit hard to figure out what was going on but I think this is how it is supposed to be. The feeling that was generated in me is anxiety, I think this is what was supposed to happen.

  9. this is really hard. and really interesting, just as a study of all the things you’re body does naturally. I think the sound effects are great, but the dialogue feels canned. It’d be nice if it was a little more sparse, it’d feel like a reward. I like it a lot, it’s fun and challenging and i never got a vision meow.

  10. This is like QWOP but over 9000 times harder.

  11. aaaa
    My run was basically *dies* *dies* *dies* *gets a bit of a run but not to any actual dialogue* *dies*
    Really liked the atmosphere, wish I could have lasted longer to see where it went.

  12. Well done visuals! I liked how you had the 3D effect with flash using scale n whatnot, however I didn’t make it to any cutscenes/etc 😛 i was breathin mah hardest too! Maybe a tutorial intro would help or some description? BAWS flash skills though, well done!

  13. As I said, there are some serious performance issues on my computer that undermine the gameplay. Activating hardware acceleration on the publish settings and making it a downloadable game, as well as reducing the size of graphics elements or increasing the compression, should be enough.

    I like the narration though the delivery is sometimes off. Like, Melissa sounds totally unconcerned about agonizing in a desert.

    The difficulty level seems to be an issue: a possible solution is making it more like rhythm game, or introducing the tasks gradually. Like you start by just walking and then you fall asleep, then you have to breathe and control the heartbeat. The progression can be intertwined with the narration and reinforce the sense of struggle gradually instead of learning by dying repeatedly.

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