Final Project – Jessica & Jennifer – The Ruined Society


You play a girl who comes from a utopian society, sent to explore a society entirely different from your own… OR IS IT

We wanted to focus on exploration and creating a nice atmosphere.

Sometimes, the collisions are a little janky and we had to use popup message boxes at a few points in the game. Also, we intended to have a title screen and a nice end screen, but ran out of time.


Movement: Arrow keys

Press X to examine things or confirm

To cycle through selection screens, use the left and right arrow keys (including the ‘test’!)



Hello! I'm currently a Junior CS Major hoping to minor in Game Development. My favorite games are Earthbound and Catherine.
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  1. Please, do finish this game, it’s almost there and it’s looking very good.
    Like I said in class:
    – graphics and animations are uneven across levels, try to get to the same level of polish of the good ones.
    – and interactive objects need to be more recognizable, with colors or simple animations.
    – The custom designed dialog boxes add a lot to the experience and they are crucial to the story.
    Maybe use less exposition in the final dialogue, the reveal can be about just the “last dude” and why he’s staying there, assuming that players already know the story of the world at that point.

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