The Ruined Society – Update

Jen made a lot of new pretty animations to indicate which things are clickable!

We also fixed our ugly grey message boxes so that everything is a nice overlay screen instead.

There are a lot more things to interact with, as well. We also added music to the first area.

Somehow there is a minor glitch where you have to press x twice on occasion to close the console. Game Maker is frustrating.

*Note that left and right arrow keys are used for navigating all menus, including the test screen*

*Always press the X key to interact / close console windows*

New screen shots:





.gm81 because the exe is not working right now:

Final Project – Jessica & Jennifer – The Ruined Society


You play a girl who comes from a utopian society, sent to explore a society entirely different from your own… OR IS IT

We wanted to focus on exploration and creating a nice atmosphere.

Sometimes, the collisions are a little janky and we had to use popup message boxes at a few points in the game. Also, we intended to have a title screen and a nice end screen, but ran out of time.


Movement: Arrow keys

Press X to examine things or confirm

To cycle through selection screens, use the left and right arrow keys (including the ‘test’!)



Assignment 4 Progress

I can’t figure out how to upload a Mac executable so here’s a screenshot (background is a work in progress) + the music I’m using!

Music: “Fall Out” by Masayoshi Minoshima¬†

My game is currently untitled but the premise is that you are exploring a futuristic world. I’m considering the idea of having time stopped for everyone but you and a few other characters that you encounter, and you have to explore/unlock parts of the city and determine who’s behind the time-stop.

Readings – Transit & Narrative Environments

Transit –

I appreciate that the author pointed out the value in games in which “slow, continuous traversal becomes a fundamental aspect of gameplay.” These sorts of games offer an experience that I think is much more immersive and engaging than a game in which the scenery whizzes by. I think that the fun of Crazy Taxi does not come from the scenery/journey itself but from the actions which the player chooses to take – do you run over this person, start driving in the ocean, or take the most direct route to your destination? I prefer games such as Shadow of the Colossus that have sweeping landscapes and focus on open exploration. Here, your actions feel much less limited, even though in reality you have few choices of what actions to take. Rather than just traveling, you can interact with the landscape and enrich the game experience through small touches, like finding animals to kill for food, etc.


Narrative Environments – From Disneyland to World of Warcraft

This gave me something to think about in terms of how I want to create my next game. It’s important to structure your environment around the story to enrich the storytelling and gaming¬†experience¬†rather than simply pasting a background onto your game without thinking about how your story shapes the landscape and vice versa.

I thought the¬†comparison¬†between WoW and Disney World was very apt; especially the comparison of WoW’s differently themed “lands” with Disney World’s distinctly themed parks. In a sense, I think WoW could be considered part of the next generation of ‘theme parks’; except instead of spending a few days there for vacation, you become so immersed (as a ‘player/resident’ rather than a ‘guest’) that you end up investing very large amounts of time into it.