Nico’s final game

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  1. Eric

    LOLOL yes. Its just good and awkward and suggestive and nice.The animation and visuals are great, if anything they may be a little inconsistent in pallet/how much detail and shading is put on different objects. I actually really like the animation-replacing text. It makes me lol and like it lot ok yeah.

  2. ramurray

    Very nice improvements. I agree that it could use sound. I love the text at the end but I don’t know how effective that is. I wanted to actually effin’ see that shit happen yo.

  3. Andy Biar

    once i figured out how to get started it was a good time. I had to look on with someone else to see that there was a hole up top after the first click. cool, suggestive, stuff. yeah sound.

  4. Rachel Tadeu

    I don’t really have anything knew to say from what anyone else said. It would benefit from gross bodily sounds and the red text at the end made me feel like I did something wrong and felt like I broke something. Wasn’t as rewarding as the other interactions and animations.

  5. paolo

    It’s still promising but not enough of a development since the assignments months ago. This is a small manageable project and you have to complete the missing animations and add sounds (which you can produce pretty easily).