Next Generation Game

  • Two teams of around 5 (up to 9) players.
  • Each team stands on either side of the number platform.
  • Each team starts out with 100 health.
  • Choose Team Captain for each team.
  • Everyone stretches:
  1. Arms: Triceps stretch and deltoid stretch
  2. Legs: Quads stretch and hamstring stretch
  3. Abdominal stretch
  • Decide team that goes first (coin toss, rock paper scissors).
  • Let’s say Team A goes first:
  • The Workout cycle is 1) Push-ups, 2) Sit-ups, 3) Squats
  • Each member of Team A does as many Push-ups as he/she can, one at a time. The total number of pushups from the team is their Defense for the turn. (i.e., each member does 10 push-ups, 10×5 = 50 DEF)
  • Team A Captain throws *object* into the squared-off number zone. Whichever number the *object* falls on will be the number of players of Team B that can attack in Team B’s turn (if the number is higher than the total number of people in Team B, then all Team B members can attack).
  • Team B Captain chooses the team members that will participate in the attack (him/herself included–the captain always is part of the attack). One at a time, the members of Team B do as many push-ups as they can. The total number of push-ups will be Team B’s Attack. If Team B’s ATK is higher than Team A’s DEF, then Team A loses the difference (DEF – ATK) in their health.
  • Now it’s Team B’s turn to defend. The next exercise in the cycle is Sit-ups, so each member in Team B’s team does as many Sit-ups as they can, one at a time. The total number of Sit-ups is Team B’s Defense. Team B Captain throws *object* to determine how many of Team A will be able to attack.
  • The gameplay continues in this pattern, cycling between the three exercises, until one team is out of health.
  • *object* is TBA. It could be a shoe, coin, book, whatever.
The goal of this game is to 1) get a good workout and 2) to support your team. When your teammates are working hard, be sure to encourage them and cheer them on. Apathetic and non-supportive teams will eventually lose the game.
Ideally, each team should be in the same level of physical strength, so the teams will be split up accordingly. 
What constitutes as a “push-up”?
One push-up is having your chin touch the ground in the “down” position, and your arms fully extended in the “up” position. Make sure not to bang your chin on the ground when coming down.
What constitutes as a “sit-up”?
One sit-up is having your head barely touching the ground in the “down” position, and having your elbows touch your knees in the “up” position.
What constitutes as a “squat”?
One squat is bending your knees all the way in the “down” position, and straightening your legs in the “up” position.
It is recommended to bring something to hydrate yourself. Breaks are allowed between exercise cycles (at the end of an attack) to get hydrated. If players become too tired, a “benchwarmer” system can be implemented, using classmates who are not currently playing the game.
  • ~10 Players
  • Tape to make zones
  • *object* to throw
  • Pen and paper to keep track of health
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