Turn Stop Go! срочный займ на карту ночью

A fun game for children ages 5-8


Turn Stop Go! is a dynamic and educational game designed to teach kids about the importance of numbers and Machiavellian cunning. This infectious little game will make them want to play at home, at school, anywhere! (But they can’t, because it requires the Number Garden.) Parental supervision is advised in case a child slips or feels emotionally neglected.

Players move around the Number Statue and try to knock each other out by occupying the same spaces as their opponents. The last player on the Statue wins.



First, choose an adult to moderate the game. They’ll yell the directions for each round, and will need a stop watch (or an iPhone). Each player chooses a “1” tile on the Number Statue and stands on it. No two players can choose the same tile.

Turn Stop Go! is played in rounds, which each consist of three phases.

1) Turn phase – The moderator shouts “Turn!”. They start the stop watch. Players have 5 seconds to turn in any direction (but don’t move out of their tile). They choose one of the four sides of their tile and stand facing that way.

2) Stop phase – After 5 seconds, the moderator shouts “Stop!”. Players have to stop turning no matter what way they’re facing. Turning again is a big no no and gets them out automatically. Each player holds their hands out and uses their fingers to show the number of the space they’re on (like if they’re on a “1” tile, they hold up one finger).

3) Go phase – The moderator shouts “Go!”. Players walk the direction they are facing (while keeping their hands up). The number of the tile they were on determines on how far they walk – if they were on a “3”, for example, they move three tiles forward. If two players stop moving on the same tile, they compare the number of fingers they’re holding up. Whoever’s holding the lower number is (gasp!) out. If a player walks onto an incomplete tile or off the Statue entirely, they’re also out.

Once one round finishes, the next begins immediately. Keep going until one lucky player is left.


More Rules

  • If a player lands on a “0” tile, treat it as a 10. If a player lands on a “6/9” tile, treat it as a 6.
  • Once the number of players dwindle, it becomes more difficult to get each other out. To maintain the level of franticness, the moderator reduces the number of seconds in each Turn phase as the game goes on. Divide the number of players by 5. Every time that many players go out, reduce the Turn phase by 1 second. So once there’s only 1/5th of the players remaining, they would only have 1 second per Turn phase.
  • An optional rule for the moderator, if they feel there isn’t enough interaction, is to call out “Ten” instead of “Go”. Players must move 10 spaces instead of their original amount during that Go Phase. This encourages players to stay near the middle of the number structure rather than camp its edges, because they’ll have more options when the moderator calls Ten.



Above: A picture of a child.

More pictures coming soon.

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