One Button Idea(s)

Pinata Farm взять займ 30000 рублей на карту

You raise pinatas on a farm by feeding them candy. The type and size of candy determines how long and in what intervals you have to press the button. For larger candies, you have to wait longer for them to digest it, and for chewy candies you have to hold the button longer. If you mess up, the pinata gets nauseous and can’t eat for a second.

Here is a bad prototype:

I plan to use AS3 for the ‘full’ version and will have randomly generated candy names, colors, designs, 10+ types, 3 sizes, different pinata types, new pinata states (like nausea, contentment), and a way to spend your score. It might also have an ironic element where the farm is advertised as “free-range” and the pinatas are well taken care of, even though their purpose in life is to get brutally slaughtered by children who eat their internal organs.

And here’s some other ideas I was thinking of:

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