one-button prototype

here’s my shit prototype, it’s part of a conversation game where you press to change your answer. the red text represents your boss and the blue text represents you. if you don’t press anything, it’ll run through the conversation and end. press SPACE right after your boss finishes talking to give a more confrontational answer. you can also press SPACE while he’s talking to cut him off, but that glitches on the first line. currently it has no effect on his next lines so there’s no real point. press UP to restart, but only do it after the conversation’s finished. there’s sound, so put on headphones. быстрый займ на месяц без процентов

the real game will be way different than this, it’s about getting a raise and you have to control your boss’s mood (represented by variables for rapport and flow). all of the stuff here is just a placeholder. right now it’s like a choose your own adventure, which wasn’t what i was going for at all, it should involve more strategy and be a real ‘game’.
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download and unzip to play (i couldn’t get text to work in browser):

  1. From what we saw in class, this has a lot of potential. Get rid of that placeholder text and write an amazing dialogue! I do like the style (that you showed us) of the game, with just text, I think that works. Once you make up a solid “Asking for a raise” level, you might want to think about other “dialogues” you can have. Maybe you can be in the Boss’s position, and you’re trying to fire someone but the person has short-term memory loss.

  2. I like the idea of having to choose when to interject based only on what is happening in the conversation. I also kind of like the idea of being able to cut yourself off. Like, if your character starts to say something and you, as a player, change your mind, you can interject and change what your character is saying. Or maybe you have complete control over when to speak, so you can choose to wait in silence if you want. (But I also like the idea of the conversation playing out ‘normally’ when you don’t interact.)

    Another idea is that maybe you can choose your “personality” first, and then clicking makes you move farther away from that personality. For example, you choose “nice” at the beginning, and then your character is way too submissive and passive, so you have to interject in order to take charge and get the raise. Or if you choose “assertive”, you have to interject to make your character less of a jerk. Or something like that.

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