Collin Burger: Voice and Face Game

The Competitive Lying Game

I proposed this game before in the big proposal blast. Basically, there are two players and each take turns reading from a prompt and must lie to their opponent in order to score points. Each player is treated to a screen that is similar to the one below and face each other so they cannot read their opponent’s prompt but can easily read the other person’s face to see if they can tell if they are lying. The screen could display a particular facial feature that would be segmented using FaceOSC so that the player could closely examine their opponents face while they potentially lie. Using OSCVoice, players could also be treated to voice waveforms and pitch information to try to figure out what their opponent’s “tell” is. ┬áIf a player thinks that they are lying then they would press a button and if correct, the opponent would lose points, otherwise if it is a false alarm then the player loses points. Each turn would be timed and points would be scored for not truthfully reading each prompt. The challenge for creating this game would be writing and generating compelling text.


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