Perform short, meditative, playful actions in a series of minigames (like Dys4ia or Warioware). These minigames have no goal and serve to immerse the player in the story they imply получить займ 10000 рублей срочно. The main purpose of the touch interface is to make your actions seem more intimate and organic.

Possible actions include:
-Rubbing fog off a windowpane
-Running your fingers along your lover’s back
-Removing clothes
-Slicing vegetables for a meal
-Mixing a drink
-Scattering birds
-Dragging your feet through snow

Simultaneously manipulate multiple parts of a system or machine using your fingers. Each part must work in tandem in order for the system to operate properly. You can change the mechanics (and possibly the purpose) of the system by performing different actions, which the player can figure out themselves. This ‘toy’ tests multitasking, motor skill, and creativity.

‘Activate’ people by holding your fingers to the screen. Each finger your hold activates an additional person. You are more powerful/productive with more people, but each person you add causes internal conflicts within your group and weakens group harmony.

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