Mark Strelow – Staring Contest Fighter – Final Proposal

I have had the idea of making a simple fighter using somewhere between 2 and 4 buttons. The basic idea is that, if a player is able to react quick enough to an opponent’s attack, they will have the opportunity to get off an attack of their own. When we started talking about face tracking, I thought it could be interesting to have the idea of a staring contest. My original idea seemed like it might encourage people to stay still, because if they failed an attack they would be left open for a counterattack. I think that including the idea of a staring contest would add a factor that forces the two players to eventually engage.

Planned Milestones:

November 11: Get the general layout for the fighter down.

November 18: Get the blink detection working.

November 25: Combine the two in a way that feels balanced.

December 1: Finish everything up.

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