Kristin Yin & Jason Ma

Our idea is to create an “inside a cpu” vr environment where the viewer can experience a desktop computer booting up.  Our inspiration came from wanting to explore the potential boundaries of vr by creating an experience that isn’t so fantastical like flying through a magical forest yet isn’t super boring like simply recreating a scale model of a room. We want the user to crank a lever as if she or he is generating electricity which can simulate booting up the pc. We will try our best to reenact as accurately as possible the startup sequence of a standard pc, with an occasional twist just to make things more interactive and interesting. We also want to implement a feature that can “hard shut down” the pc if the user decides to stop cranking the lever then the machine will shut down.


Image result for water cooling cpu

In terms of mood and color, we want the overall color scheme and feeling to change from a cold and action-less environment to an interesting and active surrounding. (Such as a computer when it is fully running).

For sound references, we plan on taking audio clips of standard pc noises such as the subtle humming of a fan. Depending on how that sound plays out, we might consider adding more, however we don’t want to overwhelm the user with too “cliché” of computer sounds.

In terms of technical additions, we want to learn more about water particle systems and eventually implement some sort of interesting water cooling animation series during the start up. Also, we plan on adding more light node animations to simulate certain processors on the cpu turning on / warming up.