Klondike Collective Homeplay

In 2013, the Klondike Collective was founded as a spontaneous effort between friends interested in curating, creative experimentation, carving an identity that straddles the gaming and art spheres, creating interesting interactions, but most importantly to make “cool stuff” unrestricted by convention and form.

The Klondike Collective has grown into an aqueous group made up of 10 people, each with different motivations, aesthetics and intentions. In common they have the collective itself: peers to make things with, to share things with, to talk and discuss and exchange with. They are decidedly undecided in their purpose they embrace their mantra: “There are no rules to Klondike.”

They’re games deal with themes of ambiguity, subtleties, mundanity, cultural and aesthetic vignettes, parody, adventure, existentialism, fantasy, curiosity and cornerstones.

Mu Cartographer by Titouan Millet

“A contemplative game experience that combines colorful sandbox and experimental treasure hunt.”

Orchids to Dusk by Pol Clarissou

“With only a few minutes to live, you explore as a desperate astronaut who has nothing but the vast plains that stretch before her, a quickly depleting oxygen supply, and soothing electronic melodies which set the tone and keep her company.”

Vignettes by Armel Gibson (unreleased)

” A toy-ish experience that engages with the whimsical, shape shifting potential of the digital world.  Commonplace objects are put in the forefront as both visual elements and narrative devices . Through intuitive exploration, the player reveals the the theme and meaning of the game gliding between a series of interesting interactions.”