7 Micro Games – Nitesh Sridhar

As the Crow Flies – (1+ Players) Next time you see a bird, follow it. Keep following it in exactly the direction it flies, over obstacles, roads, and bodies of water until it flies too far away from you. See how many birds it takes until you get lost.

Crit Talk – (4+ Players) Each person playing has 5 minutes to arrange things within the area they are in into some kind of “art piece” and think of a way to present it as a compelling work to a panel of judges. These judges are the people who aren’t presenting at the moment. The group collectively decides whose art is best based on how the judging sessions go. (The group can also decide on themes or categories for the pieces for more direction.)

Grotesquest – (2+ Players) Each player has to take turns saying the most unpleasant two-word phrase they can think of. If a player can not think of one worse than the previous player’s phrase, then that player is out. Last player remaining wins.

When One Door Opens – (1+ Players) Whenever a player is walking through a building they can only enter doors if someone is not holding the door open for them. Every time someone holds open a door for them, the player gets a point, provided they do not go through the door while the  person is holding it. (Alternative Scoring Method: more points are awarded based on how long nonplayers hold the door open for the player.)

CraigsListential – (3+ Players) Each person playing takes turns picking an immaterial object (emotion, feeling, theory) and pitching it as if it was a CriagsList “for sale” entry. The rest of the players then take turns bidding.

Jerk of all Trades – (2+ Players) Find someone who is an expert in some area. All players do their best to try to explain the expert’s subject of expertise in a patronizing and condescending way. Expert decides which player is most accurate to people in their field and assigns points/rankings accordingly. (Get multiple experts for a more interesting scoring breakdown!)

Spotlight – (3+ Players) One person starts the game by yelling “spotlight” and pretending to aim a camera at some location. Everyone playing has to pretend to be a spotlight directed at the location. The last person to spotlight has to pose for their picture in the middle. (Playing with a real camera is highly recommended!)

Will Smith playing Spotlight with Jada Pinkett
Will Smith playing Spotlight with Jada Pinkett