7 Micro Games – Caroline Hermans

Notice me See how long you can stare at someone you don’t know without them looking back at you. Do not avert your eyes.

Tower of Sleep – See how many things you can stack on someone without them waking up.

Anti-staring contest – Choose a friend. The object of the game is to not look at each other. If you look at each other, you both lose.

20 questions, spatial memory edition – one person thinks of a landmark on campus. They can only describe the landmark using memories they have of that location (i.e. I had a math class there, I study there, I had a music lesson there…)

Clipper – If someone clips a hair clip to your body, you have to clip it to someone else’s body within an hour or you lose.

Capitalism – Whoever dies with the most toys wins.

Sonic Attention – Look towards the loudest sound you can hear. As your surroundings change, continue to shift your gaze in the loudest direction.