Candy Land – Part 2 – Rules & New Deck

Anna Henson, Adam Thompson, Nitesh Sridhar, Andrew Chang, Caroline Hermans


Keywords used in these rules: (1) Discard – Put a card into the discard pile. This pile is reshuffled and becomes the game pile when the latter runs out; (2) Trash – Remove a card from the game. Trashed cards are not returned to the game unless otherwise stated.

Basic Rules
Players begin the game with 3 cards. On each turn, a player draws 2 cards and plays 2 cards.

A player may never have more than 4 cards in their hand at a time nor can they ever draw or play less than 1 card on any given turn.

A maximum of 4 rule cards can be in play at any given time. To play a new rule, discard an existing rule first. Rules of specific types replace each other.

All rules take effect immediately (Example: if your turn started with Draw 1 and you play Draw 3, immediately draw an extra 2 cards).

Card Descriptions and Actions
There are 24 Basic Cards broken down via color according to the following:
Red (4)
Blue (4)
Yellow (4)
Green (4)
Purple (4)
Orange (4)

There are 6 Character Cards, each Trashed after it is played. They are:
Queen Frostine
Princess Lolly
Gramma Nutt
Mr. Mint

There are 22 Rule Cards, broken down as follows:
Draw – Draw 1
Draw – Draw 2
Draw – Draw 3
Draw – Draw 4
Play – Play 1
Play – Play 2
Play – Play 3
Play – Play 4

Hand Limit – Hand Limit 1
Hand Limit – Hand Limit 3
Hand Limit – Hand Limit 5

*Draw + 2, Play – 1, Hand Limit – 1
*Play + 2, Draw – 1, Hand Limit – 1
*Hand Limit + 2, Draw – 1, Play – 1

*Empty Hand Bonus – Draw 2

*First Play Random

*Draw from deck or bottom of discard pile

*Switch Draw and Play

*Reverse Order – if another Reverse Order is played, discard both

*Reverse Order

*Rule Limit + 2 (including this one)
*Rule Limit + 3 (including this one)

There are 22 Action Cards, broken down as follows:
On the House – All players draw 2. Rules drawn this way must be played.
Draw 3
Draw 2, Play 1, Discard 1
Discard 2, Draw 4, Play 1
Take 1 random card from every player and play them. You skip your next turn
Trash a Rule
Discard two Rules
Discard two Rules
Draw 1, you aren’t affected by Hand Limits this turn

The revised Candy Land deck can be viewed in its entirety here.