The Kraus Campo Game

A playground game for people of different disciplines to communicate and play cooperatively

Designer: Shine Li

A game lets players from different disciplines encounter and work cooperatively. Core elements aiming for are excitement, surprise, highly engagement, competition and cooperation.

Idea comes from:

“I imagined a place where walking and getting lost in conversation could become an active rather than a passive pleasure; a place to meet friends and colleagues, or encounter strangers from other disciplines…a literal marketplace of ideas.”

–Mel Bochner

Place required:

The Kraus Campo, Carnegie Mellon University


Five minutes


  1. Dozens of paper with letters which comes from the quotation on the wall
  2. Several colored bands
  3. Several colored paper board, the color matches the ones on the bands

Number of players:

Two or four teams of 2 or 3 players each, but the amount of players should be equal for each team.

Time required:

Less than 20 minutes.

Gameplay and Rules:

  1. Each team should have at least 2 people participating. One stands on the status and focus on the arithmetical problem, while the other contributes physically.
  2. The one stands on the statue should finish 3 “24 Game” to achieve the goal. He/ she should manipulate the 4 integers he stands on with any operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) to get the end result as 24. After finished one game, he/ she should move to another area which has different numbers with the previous squares. It is permitted to move to a different spot if the player feels the numbers around him is too hard to solve, but the integers he/she uses should be different each time.
  3. The physical one should collect the paper with letters that has distributed randomly on the orange road in the garden. The time limit based on the speed of the opposite team solving 24 Game. He/ she should stop collecting at the time the opposite team finish the 3 24 Game.
  4. After the game stops, both teams should use the letters they collected to form words which shows on the wall. The more words one can form, the higher score he gets, but one letter can be used only once.

Additional rules:

  1. The math ones will be handed out the colored paper board, which has the color of their opposite team. After they finished solving the 24 Games, they should raise up the boards, and the ones with band of the same color should stop collecting immediately.
  2. If there will be more than 2 teams participating, they will be divided as groups of 2 teams, and teams compete with the one in their group. They will get certain colors to distinguish with others.
  3. If there will be 3 people involved in each team, the extra one should inspect the other team to make sure the 24 Game has been played properly.

PDF: The Kraus Campo Game

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